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About us

Shuula is an EC site selling the product of the valuable fashion brand essentially outside the country of Japan.


[essentially valuable thing]

I hide myself, and the clothes have the role of the self-expression not the thing which only performs protection against the cold.

It is not self-expression only to do an individual fashion, and it does self-expression to like Shin pulls to choose the simple thing.

Cheap, a great variety of fashions were easily available, and anyone came to be able to simplify the self-expression these days.

However, I cannot do it carefully, and it ends the thing that the person easily obtained it for temporary satisfaction.

Shuula defines "the thing which I think of a person putting it on in the body, and was made" as an essentially worth thing.

The thing which the thought of the builder was loaded with gives the mental richness and wants to be careful with it.

[about a Japanese fashion]

There are a great variety of fashions in Japan and can do various self-expression and self-dramatization.

When it is special, I am always conscious of it in not only the thing to wear but also work and the dining together with the friend, shopping or a trip.

I make use of the personality of the person, and self-expression and the self-dramatization show the person more splendidly.

However, a trend changes busily, and there is the problem that I do not already wear in the next season even if quality is kept as for the clothes which a trend was over.


[how to choose fashions of the coming times]

For consideration to environment, clothes being aware of サスティナブル increase, but lead to the environmental disruption when they use it too much.

As well as a design, I choose the thing which I sympathize with an idea and the thought of the brand and want to be careful with.

It produces the mental richness and leads to the bright future.