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Lacey Knit Dress Bear & Clover

¥7,260 JPY
Material: 100% cotton (organic cotton) racy knit made in Japan
Organic cotton lacey knit baby clothes that can be weared for three seasons in spring, autumn and winter. It was made of racy knit with beautiful cute watermark knitting while considering breathability. It is a popular series of cute animal motifs made by hand knitting one by one. The both legs are short and do not interfere with the baby's movement, so there is a high degree of freedom, and because it is a highly comfortable design that can be dressed in a dress type and a coverall type by the way of fastening the snap button on the bottom part, it can be worn from the time of ness.
Because it is a button that is easy to take off easily and easily to change diapers, practicality is high, and it is the first place of great success for a long time.
Because rubber is in the feet and arms, it fits well to babies who move around energetically, and it is completely covered to the tummy and it is hard to cool down, and it is popular among moms.
It is a special organic cotton, and it is safe and secure with a material that is gentle on the baby's skin.